Construction of mesh storage CRT (cathode ray tube)

The construction diagram of mesh storage CRT (cathode ray tube) is shown in above figure. The mesh storage tube consists of a dielectric material deposited on a storage mesh. This is known as storage target. It is placed between the deflecting plates and the fluorescent screen. It consists of a collector mesh, a flood gun and the collimator. The collimator electrodes are used to focus the electron beam. The coating of dielectric material such as magnesium fluoride is deposited in a thin layer on the storage mesh. It causes secondary emission. The flood guns are switch ON to make the pattern visible. The stored pattern can be erased by applying a negative voltage to the positively charged electrons.

Cathode ray tube

Cathode ray tube


  • The mesh storage is used to display VLF (very low frequency signals) signals in mechanical and biomedical fields.
  • It is used in radio broadcasting equipment.

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