Construction of PVC gang capacitor

The PVC gang capacitor is a type of variable capacitor. It is a gang capacitor which uses the PVC material as a dielectric medium, is called a PVC gang capacitor. This capacitor has a very small in size and it is available in various ranges of values.

PVC gang capacitor

The basic construction of a PVC gang capacitor is as shown in above figure. In this type of variable capacitor uses PVC as a dielectric material. There are alternate layers of fixed and variable PVC plates. The whole structure is covered by plastic case and the variable plates are rotated by rotor. The variable plate is made up of cadmium plated aluminum but the dielectric spacer is used between the plates.  The dielectric spacer is made up of polyethylene. The rotor is made up of two sections on a common spindle. The hole assembly joined together by four screws, whose heads are fixed to a plastic base. The tags connected to the screws to give connections to the stator through washers placed between the spacers. The rotor sections are tag connected separately to a common base plate mounted on the plastic substrate. The ultimate connections are brought out to three tags. These capacitors are suitable for super heterodyne radio receivers.

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