Difference between analog storage and digital storage oscilloscope

Analog storage oscilloscope Digital storage oscilloscope
The analog storage oscilloscope has higher bandwidth and writing speed. The digital storage oscilloscope has lower bandwidth and writing speed than analog storage oscilloscope.
In analog storage oscilloscope, CRT is expansive than digital storage oscilloscope. In digital storage oscilloscope, CRT is much cheaper.
There is no such digital memory is present. Because of digital memory, digital storage oscilloscope capable of an infinite storage time.
It cannot operate with a constant CRT refresh time. It can operate with a constant CRT refresh time.
It gives lower resolution than digital storage oscilloscope. It gives higher resolution because of analog to digital converter used in it.
It is not capable for operating in a look back mode. It is also capable of operating in a look back mode as describe for waveform recorders.


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