Difference between baseband transmission and bandpass transmission

Following are the difference between baseband transmission and bandpass transmission

Baseband transmission Bandpass transmission
The baseband transmission does not use modulator and demodulator. It is used modulator and demodulator.
Baseband transmission is transmission of the encoded signal using its own baseband frequencies i.e. without any shift to higher frequency ranges. Passband transmission is the transmission after shifting the baseband frequencies to some higher frequency range using modulation.
If the baseband signal is transmitted directly then it is known as baseband transmission. If modulated signal is transmission over the channel, it is known as bandpass transmission.
It is prefer at low frequencies. It has fixed band of frequencies around carrier frequency.
It is used for short distances. It is used for long distances.
More noise as signal is original. Less noise as signals is modulated.
E.g. general telephony. E.g. AM & FM.

baseband transmission and bandpass transmission

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