Difference between Ideal transformer and practical transformer

Concept of Ideal Transformer

Idea transformer is nothing but a transformer which has 100% efficiency. In this transformer there are two purely inductive coils. So this is no iron loss, no copper loss, as well as there is no I2R losses. Also this is no ohmic resistance drop and no leakage drop. Hence this is concept of ideal transformer.

Ideal Transformer

Practical Transformer

It has 100% efficiency. It has 100% below efficiency.
It has no losses. It has no losses.
Purely inductive material is used. It is two purely inductive material used.
It has no I2R losses. It has I2R losses.
It has no iron loss. It has iron loss.
There is no ohmic resistance drop. There is ohmic resistance drop.
It has no leakage drop. It has leakage drop.
In it ideal condition. In it practical condition.
It is not used in practical condition. It is used in practical condition.
Ideal transformer

Ideal transformer

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