Difference between FDMA and TDMA

Following are the difference between FDMA (frequency division multiple access) and TDMA (time division multiple access) :

FDMA stand for frequency division multiple access. TDMA stand for time division multiple access.
The FDMA (frequency division multiple access) is not required synchronization. It is required synchronization.
It has less power efficiency. It has more power efficiency.
It requires high carrier frequency stability. The high carrier frequency is not necessary.
It has divide frequency band into disjoint subband. It has divided the time into non overlapping time slot.
Its Entire band of frequencies is divided into multiple RF channels/carriers. Each carrier is allocated to different users. Its entire bandwidth is shared among different subscribers at fixed predetermined or dynamically assigned time intervals/slots.
It has continuous transmission scheme. It discontinuous transmission scheme.
It used in GSM and PDC. It is used in advanced mobile phone systems (AMPS).



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