Difference between Linear IC and Digital IC

Following are the difference between linear integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits:

Linear ICs Digital ICs
Linear ICs (Linear Integrated Circuits) are called as analog IC. Digital ICs (Digital Integrated Circuits) are also called as non linear IC.
Linear integrated circuits inputs and outputs can take on a continuous range of values and the outputs are generally proportional to the inputs. Digitals ICs contain circuits whose inputs and outputs voltage are limited to two possible levels low or high.
It is used in aircraft, space, vehicles, radars, PLL, Oscilloscopes etc. Its used in microprocessor, computers, clocks, digital watches, calculator etc.
The design requirements are more drastic as compared to digital ICs. The design requirement as less drastic as compare To linear ICs.
It is commercially available as operational amplifiers, voltage multipliers, voltage comparator, regulators, microwave amplifiers Etc. Its commercially available as microprocessor chips, memory chips, analog to digital chips , digitals to analog chips, logic gates, flip flops, counters, registers etc.
Its consist of very less number of transistor as compared to digital ICs.. Its consist of more number of transistor as compared to linear ICs.


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