Difference between logic analyzer and spectrum analyzer

There is a difference between logic analyzer and linear spectrum analyzer

Logic analyzer Spectrum analyzer
It is used for the trouble-shooting of digital systems. It is used for the frequency domain analyzer of various systems.
Logic analyzer can be only used for digital systems analysis. Spectrum analyzer can be used to analyses any real time systems.
The logic analyzer is compatible with different logic families like TTL, CMOS, NMOS. SSpectrum analyzer is not compatible with different logic families.
They are of two types logic timing analyzer and logic state. They are of scanning and non scanning type.
In logic analyzer at a time a number of waveform can be observed. In Spectrum analyzer at a time only a single spectrum can be observed.
In case of logic analyzer the number of samples that are to be displayed can be adjusted as per the choice of user. The span of the spectrum is adjusted as per the choice of user.


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