Difference between PCM and DPCM

Following are the difference between PCM (pulse code modulation.) and DPCM (differential pulse code modulation)

The PCM stands for pulse code modulation. The DPCM stands for differential pulse code modulation.
The PCM (pulse code modulation) can be use 4, 8 or 16 bit per sample. The DPCM (differential pulse code modulation) can be use 2 or 3 bit per sample.
It has required highest bandwidth. It has required small bandwidth.
The quantization error depends on number of levels. Slope over load distortion and quantization noise is present.
The number level depends on number of bit. It has fixed number of levels are used.
There is no feedback in transmitter or receiver. The Feedback is present.
It is used in audio, video and telephony. It is used in speech and video.



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