Difference between petrol and diesel oil

Following are the differences between petrol and diesel:


Diesel oil

Knocking in petrol engine is due to the sudden spontaneous combustion of petrol before sparking of spark plug. Knocking in diesel engine is due to delay in combustion of diesel oil by compression.
The % of iso-octane in a mixture of iso-octane and n-heptane, which matches the fuel under test in knocking characteristics, is called
octane number of petrol. Higher the cetane number of fuel less will be its knocking in petrol engine and better its quality.
The % of cetane in a mixture of cetane and methyl naphthalene which exactly matches in its knocking characteristics with diesel oil sample
under test, is called cetane number of diesel oil.Higher the cetane number of fuel, less will be its knocking in diesel engine and better its quality.
Blending agents used in petrol are cracked and reformed gasoline, benzol and alcohol to increase octane No. of petrol.Doping agents used in petrol is tetra ethyl leed to reduce its knocking in petrol engine. Blending agents are not used in Diesel oil. Doping agents used in diesel oil are ethyl nitrate, acetone peroxide to reduce its knocking in
diesel engine.
Petrol vs Diesel

Petrol vs Diesel

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