Difference between PN junction diode and point contact diode

PN junction diode Point contact diode
Its junction capacitance is low about 0.008 μF to 20 μF The barrier layer capacitance at the point is very low about 0.1 pF to 1 pF.
Its operating frequency is low about 100 MHz. Its operating frequency is very high about 10 GHz.
It has cut-in voltage 0.2 for Ge and 0.6 V for Si. It has comparatively very low cut-in voltage.
It has high value of reverse breakdown voltage. It has low value of reverse breakdown voltage.
It has low forward resistance. It has very low forward resistance.
It can handle high current. It can handle low currents.
It has higher voltage rating. It has lower voltage rating.
It is suitable for low frequency applications. It is suitable for high frequency applications.
It is used in rectifiers, clippers, clampers, voltage multipliers etc. It is used to AM detector, video detector, microwave frequency mixer etc.



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