Difference between RISC (Reduced instruction set computer) and CISC (Complex instruction set computer)

RISC stand for reduced instruction set computer. CISC stand for complex instruction set computer.
It has few instructions. It has more instruction.
Spends more transistors on memory registers. Transistors used for storing complex instructions.
It has fixed length instructions. It has variable length instruction.
It has few data types as compared to CISC. It has more data types as compared to RISC.
It has single cycle operation. It has multi cycle operation.
Only load/store instruction access memory. Many instruction access can memory.
It has large number of general purpose registers. It has small number of general purpose registers and several special purposes registers.
It has few addressing modes. It has more addressing modes.
It has a hard wired unit of programming. It has a micro programming unit.
Pipelining does function correctly. Pipelining does not function correctly.


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