Features of microcontroller 89c51

There are some important features of microcontroller which are given below,

  • The 89c51 is compatible with MCS 51 family.
  • It has 8 bit data bus and 8 bit (arithmetic logic unit).
  • It has 4k bytes of on chip reprogrammable flash memory.
  • It supported three level program memory lock.
  • It has 16 bit of address bus and 64 kb of RAM (random access memory) and ROM (read only memory).
  • It has on chip RAM 128 bytes data memory.
  • It has four 8 bit bidirectional input or output ports that is 32 programmable input or output lines.
  • It can execute 1 million one cycle instructions per second with a clock frequency of 12MHz.
  • It has one UART programmable serial ports.
  • It has six interrupts source.
  • It has two multimode 16 bit timers.
  • It has two level interrupts priority.
  • It has power saving mode.

microcontroller 89c51

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