What is a ferrite core inductor?

It is the fixed value inductors which have a ferrite core placed inside the coil are known as a ferrite core inductor. The air core inductors and iron core inductors have a low inductance value, limited frequency operation and more losses. By using ferrite core instead of iron core these problem can be overcome.


ferrite core inductor

ferrite core inductor

The constructional diagram of ferrite core inductors as shown in above figure. The ferrite is a magnetic material which content particles of iron, cobalt or nickel insert in an insulator binder. The ferrite core has a high magnetic permeability and has very low eddy current losses. It is used in fixed inductor. Above figure shows a coil wound over a ferrite core. It usually used a pot core in which core consist an outer cylinder with close ends. The magnetic path is more or less completed by central cylindrical core, in this core. The winding is placed in annular space. The air gap is induced in the central core. The properties of the pot may be changed to suite a wide range of design requirements, by choosing a suitable length for this air gap.

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