Following are the difference between waveguide and transmission line

Waveguide Transmission Line
The waveguide is a hollow metallic structure through which electric and magnetic fields are transmitted. The transmission line is a conductor which is used to carry electrical signal over a long range.
It has simple to manufactured. It has complex to manufactured.
In waveguide the power handling is high as compared to transmission line. In transmission line the power handling is low as compared to waveguide.
The Operating modes are TE or TM mode. The operating mode are TEM or quasi TEM mode.
In waveguide high power is transmitted. In transmission line low power is transmitted.
In waveguide the electromagnetic signal is transmitted. In transmission line the electrical signal is transmitted.
The operating frequency is 3 GHZ to 100 GHZ in waveguide. The operating frequency is up to 18 GHz.

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