Function of various constituents in greases


  • It acts as a thickener.
  • Presence of soap allows it to stick to the metal surfaces firmly and provides consistency.
  • The nature of soap decides the temperature to which the greases can be used.
  • It provides resistance to water, oxidation and breaking up of film on prolonged use. Thus, the nature of soap decides the working temperature, consistency, load-bearing capacity, resistance to water coefficient of friction.


  • It remains in the dispersed phase and maintains the greases in the solid state.
  • Sometimes, it provides viscosity to the greases.
  • The nature of oil decides the viscosity of grease.


  • It reduces the cost of grease.
  • It provides heat cost grease to grease.
  • Fillers like graphite , MoS2 etc adds to the lubricating property of greases.

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