What is generation of electrical energy?

Generation of electrical energy :

  1. The conversion of energy available in different forms in different form in nature into electrical energy is known as generation of electrical energy.
  2. Energy is available in various form different  natural sources such as pressure head of water, chemical energy of fuels, nuclear energy of radioactive substance etc.
  3. All these forms of energy can be converted  into electrical energy by the use  of suitable arrangement.
  4. The prime mover is driven by the energy obtained from  various sources such as burning of fuel, pressure of water, force of wind etc.
  5. The steam is fed to prime mover which may be a steam engine or a steam turbine.
  6. The turbine converts heat energy of steam into mechanical energy which is further converted into electrical energy by the  alternation.
  7. Similarly, other forms of energy can be converted into electrical energy.
electrical energy

electrical energy

Different method of electrical power generation are as follows :


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