Raw cotton bale container loading inspection (Weight Bridge)

  1. First Review the invoice and packing list from buyer of consignment. Then take the invoice and packing list from supplier.
  2. Check both packing list provided by buyer as well as supplier if they are same. If packing list or Invoice is not same, inform the buyer immediately and take respective action. (Do not start container loading without packing list and invoice provide by supplier.)
  3. Then find the stock store in warehouse, check the packing of bale of row cotton.
  4. Take any photo of bale and stock of bale, also take warehouse photo.
  5. If you find any bale damage take it’s photo and count the total number of damage bales in it.
    Next step take the snap of Container vehicle.
  6. Note down the container no. and take snap of container no. available in container.
  7. Empty Container inspection

    7-point container inspection

    7-point container inspection

  8. Check calibration of weight bridge with 1000kgs – 2000kgs, 5000kgs. (Do by all or any of one). Also take calibration report with stamp and seal of supplier.
  9. Do weight of empty container at weight bridge and take receipt of it. Also take picture of computerized reading at weight bridge.
  10. Take picture of equipment used in while loading container.
  11. Check the procedure of container loading and counting bale-to-bale.
  12. Take picture of full loading container before closing doors.
  13. Also take picture of full loading container after closing doors.
  14. Finally seal it and make it sure.
  15. There are two seals one is excise seal and other is container seal.
  16. Take picture of seal with its proper visible seal no and also note in your report.
  17. Lastly take picture of container with its container no. and seal no.

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