Orientation of building

The orientation of the building is the term used to define the setting or fixing the direction of the layout plan of building respect to the direction of north. The orientation of building refers to the direction of normal to the normal to the long axis.

For example, if the length of building East-West orientation North-South.

Proper orientation means setting or fixing the direction of the directions of the plan of the building which allows the inmates of the house or building to enjoy the almost whatever is good and to avoid whatever is bad in respect of comfort in the elements of nature.

Good orientation means proper placement of room in relation providing convenient access both to the street and back-yard.

For optimum orientation

  • A building should receive maximum solar radiation in winter and minimum in summer.
  • In hot climates, verandahs or chajjas or sum breakers may be provided. Hospital school, drawing office, the library should be located on North Side i.e. long sides of these should face north whereas south side and west side should be protected by verandahs.
  • Verandahs should not be provided on north facing.
  • To reduce the intensity of sun rays.
  • The tall tree is may be planted on the sunny side.
  • Walls of the minimum area may be provided on East and Westside.
  • Rooms which are occupied through the day are placed on North, whereas bedrooms may be located on West or in direction of prevailing wind.
  • For ventilation point of view, the height of a house should not be more than twice the width of the street.
  • No part of the building is allowed of the project beyond the set back distance.
optimum orientation sun path

optimum orientation sun path


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