RADAR System

RADAR is stands for Radio Detection And Ranging. RADAR system operates in microwave frequencies range. In RADAR system high frequency and high power sinusoidal signals is transmitted. If there is any target then the reflected signals is received and the range over distance between a RADAR system and target is calculated so that the target can be fired.
There are the two types of RADAR System are:

  1. Pulsed RADAR system.
  2. Continuous wave RADAR system.

Basic principle of RADAR system:

In RADAR system high frequency high power signal is transmitted and then the reflected signals from the target are received and the range of target is calculated.

Transmitter is high power sensitive system and the receiver is low power sensitive system.

Duplexer is a gas field tube of a transmission line or circulator can also be used as duplexer.

In RADAR system high frequency and high power signal is generated by transmitter and applied to dish antenna.

In RADAR system duplexer gets ionized and it disconnects the sensitive receiver from the antenna section.

As the transmitter turns off the duplexer deionization and connects receivers to antenna.

If there is any target the signal are reflected and received by the same antenna, receivers calculates the range or distance of target.

In this way signal is transmitted and received an after the other.

This type of RADAR system is called pulsed RADAR system.

RADAR system

RADAR system

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