What is a slug tuned inductor?

The variable inductor having an adjustable ferrite core is known as slug tuned inductor. The value of inductance increases or decreases respectively, due to the movement of a ferrite core into or out of the coil winding.


slug tuned inductor

  • The basic construction of a slug tuned inductor is shown in fig.
  • This construction is similar to the fixed ferrite core inductors, but the core is adjustable.
  • The value of inductance increases, when the slug is moved into the coil winding and decreases the resonant frequency of the tuned circuit.
  • When the slug is moved out of the coil winding, the inductance decrease and the resonant frequency of the tuned circuit increases.
  • The value of inductance can be varied by using movable core which can be moved up or down by using screw driver.

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