Difference between static relays and electromagnetic relays

Points Static Relays Electromagnetic Relays
Power consumption Very less 1 milliwatt High 2 watt
Moving contacts No moving contacts. So, No problem of Arcing No needs to replace contacts. Moving contacts are present. Problem like Arcing, Replacement of contacts is necessary.
Effect of Gravity(Gravitational force) No effect of Gravity on operation of static relay. Gravitational force can affect the relay.
Position of relay Relay can be installed at any location and at any position. This relay has to be installed straight only and away from magnetic field.
Functions 1 relay can perform various functions. (1 relay can be used as over current relay, under voltage relay etc.) 1 relay can perform only 1 function. (1 relay can be used as over current only for under voltage we use another relay).
Delay in operation Easily provided Not provided
Size Compact (small) Large
Accuracy and speed High Less
Effect of vibrations and shocks No or less effect Yes, vibrations directly
External supply required Yes, Dc supply is required for level detector, timing circuit etc. No need of external supply
Voltage change Can damage this relay because electronic components are used. Change of voltage causes no effect.
Cost Costly Cheap. (Not costly)
Effect of temperature May damage the electronic part No effect of temperature.

Note: Last points are Disadvantages of static Relays. Similar advantages and disadvantages of Microprocessor Based relays.

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