Application of capacitor

  1. The capacitor used for storage of energy.
  2. It is used in filter circuits to minimize the ripple voltage.
  3. Capacitors are used to run the motor.
  4. Bypass the high frequency signals.
  5. Used in tank circuits in electronic oscillators.
  6. Used in snubber circuit to suppress radio frequency interference.
  7. It is used in timing circuit to selects the time.
  8. It is used in single phase motors.
  9. Capacitors are used in both AC and DC application.
  10. Capacitors are widely used in radio and telecommunications.
  11. It is generally used in filter circuits and tuning circuits.
  12. It is used in long time constant circuits and also used as storage capacitor in digital equipments.
  13. Used in tuning circuits for selection of frequency an used as temperature constant.
  14. Used in high frequency microwave system.

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