Transmission and distributions losses in maharashtra

If we observe T&D losses in the state of Maharashtra there is a decrement in the total % every year from 2003-04.
Though the % improvement does not seem significant, T&D losses have been improved from 34 % in 2003-04 to 21.6% in 2011-12.

Transmissions and distributions losses in India:

  • India overall transmission and distribution losses in power sector are being miserable when compared to global standards.
  • Distributions sectors is a vital link in the power sector value chain as it completes the cycle.
  • Unfortunately, this is the weakest link in the power sectors in India.
  • This not only has depleted the financial health of the distribution utilities but has also widened the demand-supply gap further.
  • T & D losses in India are among the highest in the world. Inadequate investment in the transmission and distribution network is one of the main reasons for high T&D losses in the country.
  • Though the current average T&D losses in the country are near about 25 %, there is a wide variation in the losses reported by different states.

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