Types of re-lamping

There are two types of re-lamping:

  • Groups re-lamping
  • Sport re-lamping

Group re-lamping

  • Group re-lamping is a preventive approach.
  • In this lamps are replaced to ensure a light level


  1. lamps in the area reach 80% of their rated life.
  2. Burnouts start to take place.
  3. The light output of a lamp is greatly depreciated.

For group relamping, to decide the proper time to replace,

  1. Keep the data and assess the lighting level in all areas especially after the installations of new lamps.
  2. Monitor the change in light levels using lux meter by conducting periodic checking of light output.

Sport re-lamping

  • Sports re-lamping is run to failure approach.
  • In sport re-lamping lamp replacement done to avoid damage to ballasts


  1. It spots to operate without anticipation.
  2. It fails to light up after switching ON.
  • This is not the best policy as it waits until the lamp fails.
  • The lamp may fail randomly and increases with age as well.

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