What are the types of building

There are buildings are classified into nine groups based as follows:

  1. Group A: Residential buildings
  2. Group B: Education buildings
  3. Group C: Institutional buildings
  4. Group D: Assembly buildings
  5. Group E: Business buildings
  6. Group F: Mercantile buildings
  7. Group G: Industrial buildings
  8. Group H: Storage buildings
  9. Group I: Hazardous buildings

Residential buildings

The building which is provided with sleeping accommodation for normal residential purpose with cooking or dining or both the facilities except any buildings classified under Group C.

The building of Group A is further subdivided into five groups as follows:

  • Sub – Group A-1: Lodging rooming houses.
  • Sub – Group A-2: One or two family private dwelling.
  • Sub – Group A-3: Dormitories.
  • Sub – Group A-4: Apartment houses (Flats)
  • Sub – Group A-5: Hostels.

Education buildings

Any school college building or daycare center used for an educational purpose more than 8 hours a week involving assembly instruction, educational or recreation and which is not covered in group D comes from this group.

Institutional buildings

These include any building or part thereof, which is used for the purposes like medical or other treatment or care of a person suffering from physical or mental illness, diseases or infirmity case of infants, aged persons etc.

This group further divided into three subgroups as mentioned below:

  • Sub – Group C-1: Hospital and sanitaria
  • Sub – Group C-2: Custodial institution
  • Sub – Group C-3: Penal institution

Assembly buildings

Any building or part of a building like theatres, assembly halls, drama theatres, auditorium, museums, exhibition halls, restaurants, place of worship, dance halls, clubhouse, air terminals, surface and marine public transpirations services, recreations piers, sport stadium, gymnasiums, etc.where group of people gather for amusement, recreations social, religious, patriotic, civil, travel or other similar purposes are included in this group.

Business buildings

Any buildings or part buildings which are used for the transaction of business for the keeping of accounts and records and similar purposes, barber shops, beauty shops, beauty parlors, lunch counters serving less than 100 people is included in this group.

Mercantile buildings

This sub-group included any buildings or parts of the building, which is used as shops, offices, stores, markets, showrooms for display and sale of Merchandise either wholesale or retail.

Industrial buildings

This subgroup includes any building or part of a building in which products or material of all kinds properties are fabricated, assembled or processed. This includes assembly plants, smokehouses, gas plants, refineries, dairies textile and sawmills.

Storage buildings

This sub-group includes any building or part of the building which primarily used for storage or sheltering (including servicing, processing or repairs incidental to storage)of goods, wares or merchandise except those that involve highly combustible or explosive products or materials vehicles or animals. These include wase houses, cold storages, freight depots, transit sheds, storehouse, truck and marine terminals, garages, hangers, grain, elevators, bars, and stables.

Hazardous buildings

This sub-group includes any building or part of a building which is used as storages, handling,manufacture or processing of highly combustible or explosive materials or products which are liable to burn with extreme rapidity and or which produce poisonous fumes or explosions or which are highly corrosive,toxic, acids or other chemical producing flame, flumes or explosive.

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