What are the types of canals?

The various types of canals are :

  • Main canal
  • Branch canal
  • Distributors
  • Field channels

Main canal

The canal taken directly from the reservoir is called the main canal. The supply in this main canal is controlled by the head regulator. The main function is to distribute the water to the branch canal.

Branch canal

The canal taken off directly from the main canal is called the branch canal. It branches from the main canal for covering up the whole area to be cultivated by the carrying a minimum quantity of 5.5m3\ second of water. They do not distribute the water directly to the fields.


The small canals which receive water from the branch. The canal is called as a distributor or distributor. The distributaries are classified as major and minor distributaries based on the water carrying capacities.

Major distributors

If the discharge capacity of distributors is between 1.5 comics it is called as major distributors.

Minor distributors

If the discharge capacity of distributors is less than 0.7 cumecs it is called as major distributors. It is provided when the length of the field channel is more than 3 km.

Field channels

There are taken off from the distributors. The water is supplied through the outlets provided in the banks of the distributor. The channel length is limited to 3km. and at the inner surface to reduce the loss of water. The discharging capacity is more than 0.028 cumecs.

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