What is LEED

  • The buildings constructed based on the green concepts should conform to the prescribed standards.
  • There should be continuous assessment and monitoring from the planning and design stage up to the completion of construction, for declaring a building as a green building as a green building.
  • For this, LEED (leadership in energy and environmental, design) green building rating system is followed.
  • In this system points are awarded for adopting green concepts of in various categories and the building are certified green at leaves such as silver, gold or platinum based on the total number of points they in LEED rating certification for green building-level points required as follows.

  • LEED certified 26 to 32
  • Silver level 33 to 38
  • Gold level 40 to 52
  • Platinum level 53 and above
  • Categories for rating LEED points
  • Sustainable site – 12
  • Water efficiency – 8
  • Energy and atmosphere – 17
  • Material and resources – 13
  • Indoor environment quality – 15
  • Design process and innovation – 4
  • Employing LEED designer – 1
  • Total point 70
  • There are only a few certified green buildings in India.

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