What is superstructure?

  • The superstructure is that part of the building which is constructed above the plinth level.
  • The compounds of the superstructure are walls, pillars columns, doors, windows, lintels, arches, floors, ceiling, beam, stairs, and roof. the superstructure may be one storied or more.
  • The superstructure may be constructed using three different methods, mainly load-bearing construction, frame structure, and composite structure.
  • The choice of method depends upon the extent of construction, importance of construction, economy, (low-cost housing, middle, class or high-class housing) the type of land (bearing capacity consideration.)
  • Superstructure, quite simply and expansively, refers to all other aspects of society.
  • It includes culture, ideology (worldviews, ideas, values, and beliefs), norms and expectations, identities that people inhabit, social institutions (education, religion, media, family, among others), the political structure, and the state (the political apparatus that governs society).
  • Marx argued that the superstructure grows out of the base, and reflects the interests of the ruling class that controls it. As such, the superstructure justifies how the base operates, and in doing so, justifies the power of the ruling class.


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