What is trencher?

To excavate the trenches of width from 250mm to 450mm and depth up to 4m with accuracy and speed, this types of equipment is used. It is mainly used to excavate trenches for mains, gas lines oil pipelines, telephone cables, drainage lines, sewers, etc these machines are generally are crawler mounted.

They can be wheel type or ladder type also wheel type trencher can dig a trench up to the 2.5m depth and 300mm to 1500mm in width. The excavating parts of the machine include driven wheel with cutting teeth to which movable buckets are attached.



Ladder type trencher can dig a trench up to 10m in depth and 4m, in width. It consists of two endless chains which travel along the boom, to which teeth cutter buckets are attached.

By installing staff-mounted side cutter on each side of the boom, the width of the trench can be increased some trench can be increased. Some trenches have an angle mould blade, with help to carry out the backfilling operation.

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