What is voltage regulator?

The voltage regulator is a regulator which is designed to automatically convert voltage into a lower, direct current (DC) and constant voltage. It is mainly used to maintain a constant voltage level. A fluctuating DC voltage may result in an erratic operation of electronic devices and circuits. It is necessary to use a voltage regulator circuit in DC power supply, in order to avoid poor voltage regulation due to fluctuations in DC voltage. A voltage regulator is also used to change or constant the voltage level. The voltages regulators are found in devices such as power supply of computer where they provide a constant DC voltage for a microprocessor and other component of its.

voltage regulator-block diagram              voltage regulator

 There are some important types of voltage regulators are,

  1. Zener diode shunt regulators.
  2. Transistorized regulators.
    • Shunt regulator.
    • Series regulator.
  3. Monolithic regulators.


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