Properties of the good building stone

There are Properties of the good building stone

  • The stones must be strong against crushing. The crushing strength should be greater than 100 N\mm2
  • The stones should have uniform color and decent appearance.
  • Stones should be durable. They should resist the action of weathering.
  • Stones must be easily carved, polished and dressed e.g. marble, quarts etc.
  • Stones should be hard enough to resist wear and tear due to abrasion action of traffic. Hard stones are suitable for flooring and pavement.
  • Stones should be free from defects like minute cracks, mottle, holes, hollows, and small shells or fossil etc.
  • The stones should have uniformly of grains, which increase strength and durability.
  • The stones are fire resistant. In general, all the stones resist fire up to 5000C.
  • Good building stones do not contain moisture present in the stones.
  • Good building stones should have specific gravity more than 2.7
  • Stones should not fail due to rapture.
  • Stones should not be porous. A good stone should not absorb water more than06% by its weight.
  • Stones should be acid resistant and free from any salable matter.

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