Applications of GIS

Resource and geological exploration

  • Location of engineering structures such as bridges, tunnels or dams can do by studying the satellite imageries.
  • The siting of storage reservoirs can be studied.
  • The study of alternative sites for the alignment of roads and railways can be done from aerial photographs’.
  • For an exploration of oil fields, digitally processed images are studied to find geological structures such as faults, fractured zones surface source of water can be deleted.

Environment application

  • Pollution in the form of oil spills can be detected.
  • The cloud motion, precipitation, snow cover etc. are studied from this data.
  • Industrial effluent from different processing industrial poses and environmental hard. Remote sensing can be used to monitor such areas which are polluted due to discharge from industries.

Application for land use and land cover

  • Land cover means the space covered by building, vegetation, lakes, hills etc. the different uses to which the land can be put to are residential purpose industrial, agricultural purpose. Remote sensing technique is useful for preparing maps for land use and land cover.
  • Mapping of a large area which is inaccessible can be done.

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