Satellite communication

What is a satellite communication?


A satellite communication is microwave repeater. In satellite communications, signal transferring between the sender and receiver is done with the help of satellite.

Collect the information from different sources earth station process these information.

The modulated is in the range of 5.9 GHZ to 6.4 GHZ is uplinked to the satellite. This uplinked signal is multiplexed and modulated.

The satellite has number of transponder. Transponder is used to convert 6 GHZ signal into 4 GHZ signals.

The satellite antenna downlink signal in the frequency range 3.7 to 4.2 GHZ towards the earth surface. The receiving earth station processes this information and distributes among the subscribers.

Uplink and downlink

The signal from earth station to the satellite is known as uplinked. It is narrow beam of electromagnetic signal. The frequency range is 5.9 GHZ to 6.4 GHZ.

A signal from satellite to earth station is known as downlink signals. It is broad beam of electromagnetic (EM) signal. The frequency range is 3.7GHz to 4.2GHZ

The maximum bandwidth of uplink and downlink is 500MHZ

Earth station

The earth station is a set of equipment placed or installed at the surface of earth to transmit or receive the signal to the satellite or from the satellite.


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