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Construction of Ceramic trimmer capacitor

The constructional diagram of a ceramic trimmer capacitor is as shown in fig. The ceramic trimmer capacities are constructed in two forms as under. Rotary type ceramic trimmer. Concentric type ceramic trimmer. The construction of rotary type

What is a trimmer capacitor?

It is a variable capacitor which has the facility to vary its capacitance value, but frequently once variation is sufficiently, it is known as the trimmer capacitor. It is also called as simply trimmer or padder.  In

Construction of PVC gang capacitor

The PVC gang capacitor is a type of variable capacitor. It is a gang capacitor which uses the PVC material as a dielectric medium, is called a PVC gang capacitor. This capacitor has a very small in

Construction of air ganged capacitor

The basic construction of air ganged capacitor is as shown in fig. It consists of two sets of aluminium plates separated from each other by air. These metal pates may be rotary or concentric type. The rotary

What is an electrolytic capacitor?

The electrolytic capacitor is a polarized capacitor having a metallic anode with oxide film grown over it which act as the dielectric surrounded by the electrolyte, which is known as an electrolytic capacitor. Due to very thin

Difference between JFET and MOSFET

Following are the JFET (junction field effect transistor) and MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) . JFET MOSFET The JFET stand for junction field effect transistor. MOSFET stand for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. JFET

Colour code table of capacitor

Following are the colour code table of an capacitor Sr. No Colour Digit Multiplier Tolerance Voltage 1 Black 0 1 ± 20% – 2 Brown 1 10 100 3 Red 2 100 200 4 Orange 3 1000

Application of capacitor

The capacitor used for storage of energy. It is used in filter circuits to minimize the ripple voltage. Capacitors are used to run the motor. Bypass the high frequency signals. Used in tank circuits in electronic oscillators.