What is power theft?

Power theft is a problem which has been plaguing a power utility a problem which has been plaguing a power utility since it’s service and accounts for a significant amount of high transmission and distribution losses in our country.

Power theft is defined as an intentional attempt by a person to reduce or avoid the money he owes to the utility for his energy consumption.

Any registered consumer or unauthorized non-consumer may commit pilferage of energy.

The most prominent sources in this genre are:

Popular ways of power theft are :

  • Meter tempering
  • Direct hooking

Meter tempering

Some of the various methods of meter tempering for power theft are :

  • Placing the powerful magnet on the meter.
  • Bypassing of meters.
  • Disturbing the disc rotation by interring some material externally.
  • Stopping the meter by remote control.
  • Mechanical jerk.
  • Change in meter terminals, etc

Direct hooking

  • This is one of the most common a wells as a visible form of commercial loss.
  • In this method of power theft, antisocial elements tap the bare conductors of L.T feeder or tampered service wire to make unauthorized and unmetered consumption.
  • It is mostly found in rural areas . on occasions like festivals, wedding ceremonies, etc, and in the areas which are away from normal residential areas hooking is mostly observed.

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