Advantages and disadvantages bio-degradable lubricants

The advantages of bio-degradable lubricants are-

  • High viscosity index: it ensures that the lubricants remain effective at high temperature by maintaining the thickness of the oil film.
  • High flashpoint: it considerably reduces the risks of fire due to lubricants leak.
  • Less lubricants are not through evaporation: it saves the amount of money spent on lubricants.
  • Low pour point and viscosity levels that remain low at temperature: ensuring excellent lubricants for cold starts.
  • Higher bio-degradability and very less to zero toxicity.

The disadvantages of bio-degradable are as follows-

  • Oxidizes easily.
  • The free acid generated due to oxidation may increase corrosion.
  • They have a tendency to dissolve rubber seals and gaskets.
  • They are costly as compared to mineral oil.
  • Polyglycolic are water soluble and hamper lubrication of machine parts.

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