Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth

There are some important advantages of Bluetooth are given below,

  • It avoids interference from other wireless devices.
  • It has lower power consumption.
  • It is easily upgradeable.
  • It has range better than Infrared communication.
  • The Bluetooth is used for voice and data transfer.
  • Bluetooth devices are available at very cheap cost.
  • No line of sight hence can connect through any obstacles.
  • Free to use if the device is installed with Bluetooth.
  • The technology is adopted in many products such as head set, in car system, printer, web cam, GPS system, keyboard and mouse.

There are some important disadvantages of Bluetooth are given below,

  • It can lose connection in certain conditions.
  • It has low bandwidth as compared to Wi-Fi.
  • It allows only short range communication between devices.
  • Security is a very key aspect as it +can be hacked.


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