Advantages and disadvantages of IEEE 802.11

There are some important advantages of IEEE 802.11 are given below,

  • The IEEE 802.11 is easy to installation.
  • It has higher frequency range.
  • It has efficient coding technique.
  • The IEEE 802.11 has reduced wiring expense.
  • It is less cost effective.
  • Simultaneously use of equipment.
  • It use unlicensed part of the radio spectrum.

There are some disadvantages of IEEE 802.11 are given below,

  • It has traffic disruptions.
  • Network security and the maintenance needed to stay secured.
  • It is required periodic maintenance.
  • Data transmitted over radio waves can be captured by any Wi-Fi ready devices in the area.
  • Unauthorized use.
  • It has unauthorized uses.
  • Frame spoofing.
  • Session hijacking.

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