Advantages and disadvantages of LCD (liquid crystal display)

There are some advantages of liquid crystal display (LCD) which are given below,

  • The LCD can be made in large sizes of over 60 inch or 150 cm diagonal.
  • It has no geometric distortion.
  • It is very compact, thin, and light CRT displays.
  • It does not affect by the magnetic fields.
  • Due to low power consumption, small heat emitted during operation.
  • It is much thinner than a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor.

There are some disadvantages of liquid crystal display (LCD) which are given below,

  • In high temperature environments there is loss of contrast.
  • It is relatively bright but not suitable for very brightly environments.
  • It consumed a lot of electricity which produce a lot of heat.
  • It has individual liquid crystals which cannot complete all block of the backlight.
  • From the viewing angle, the color and contrast not consistent.
 liquid crystal display

liquid crystal display


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