Advantages and disadvantages of microcontroller

There are some advantages of microcontroller are given below,

  • Low time required for performing operation.
  • The processor chips are very small and flexibility occurs.
  • Due to their higher integration, cost and size of the system is reduced.
  • The microcontroller is easily to interface additional RAM, ROM and I/O ports.
  • Once microcontrollers are programmed then they cannot be reprogrammed.
  • At the same time many task can be performed so human effect can saved.
  • Without any digitals parts it can be act as microcomputer.
  • It is easy to use, troubleshooting and systems maintain is simple.

There are some disadvantages of microcontroller are given below,

  • The microcontroller cannot interface high power devices directly.
  • It has more complex structure as compared to microprocessor.
  • It only performed limited number of executions simultaneously.
  • It is generally used in micro equipment.


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