Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power station

The advantages of nuclear power station are as follows:

    • The amount of fuel is quite small, hence there is a considerable saving in the lost of fuel transportation, storage, etc.
    • A nuclear power station required less space as compared to any other conventional type of power station of the same rating.
    • It has low running charges as fuel required is very less.
    • This type of power station is economical for producing bulk power.
    • Nuclear power station can be located near the load centers, because it does not require large quantities of water and need not be near coal mines.
    • Nuclear power plant are not affected by adverse weather conditions.
    • There are large quantity of nuclear fuel all over the word.

    The disadvantages of nuclear power station are as follows:

    • The capital cost of a nuclear power station is very high as compared to other types of power station.
    • Maintenance cost of plant is high.
    • The fuel used in nuclear power station is expensive and is difficult to recover.
    • Generation cost per unit is more.
    • Nuclear power plant not suitable for supplying power to variable load.
    • The fission bi-products are generally radioactive and may cause dangerous amount of radioactive pollution.
Nuclear power station

Nuclear power station


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