What is 3 ph induction motor

3 phase inductions motor consists of two main parts

  1. Stator
  2. Rotor

The stator is stationary frame and rotor is rotating armature. The stator is made up of made up a large number of stampings these stampings are slotted and slotted winding is present in the slots.


It gives mechanical support to the motor. The frame also contains the stator winding of inductions motor.

Air gap

The air gap is present between stator frame and rotor frame and rotor drum. It provides the space for the rotating magnetic field between stator and rotor.


The fan rotates with the rotor. Its functions are to cool the motor.

Rotor drum

Rotor drum is placed on the shaft. The rotor drum is provided with slots. Rotor drum contains rotor windings. The rotor is not connected to any supply. The current flows through the rotor due to the principle of induction. hence the name is induction motor.

The stator is a stationary winding which can be connected or delta connected. When 3 phase stator winding is connected to 3 phase supply, it produces rotating magnetic field is an air gap between the stator and rotor.

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