Advantages and disadvantages of structural glazing


  • Use of glass in construction work adds beauty to the building.
  • Its use fulfills the architectural view for the external decoration and beauty.
  • Using glass in interior of the building saves the space inside the building.
  • Glass cladding in building fulfills the functional requirement of lighting heat retention and energy saving.
  • The glass is an excellent material for thermal insulation, waterproofing, and energy conservation.
  • The glass is a bad conductor of heat, hence it saves energy in air conducting of the building.
  • Glass cladding use appears a sense of openness and harmonious.
  • Toughened glass can have a good interior design with the use of glass in the transparent staircase, colored shelves, ceiling etc.


  • It is very costly and may increase the budgeted cost of construction work.
  • Use of glass also enhances the cost of security.
  • Its use in hilly are and desert may cause more maintenance cost.
  • It is also unsafe for earthquake proven are.

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