Use of different structural steel sections

Following are the use of different structural steel sections such as :

Steel bars

Bars are the common form used in building construction. Bars may be round or square in cross-section.

  1. Rounds bars

Rounds bars are available in length of 10m to 12m. The diameter varies from 6 to 32mm. The round bars called reinforcing bars when used in cement concrete. Cement concrete though strong in compression is a week in tension. So to strengthen the plain concrete, mild steel bars are used. Such concrete is called as reinforced concrete.

  1. Square section bars

Square sections of 5 to 32mm are most common which are used as railing in building for green work and gates.

  1. Tor steel bars or deformed bars

Certain special types of bars having slight-projections or helical ribs on their surface are called tor steel or deformed bars which are widely used as reinforcement in all type of R.C.C. construction. The diameter varies from 8mm to 32mm. these bars provide excellent bond or grip with concrete.


The plates are used as webs and flanges for beams, columns, and column bases. They have a maximum area of 30m2 and thickness varies from 5 to 28mm. plates thinner than 5mm are known as sheets. They are either plain or corrugated. These are used as roof covering.


These are similarly rolled as plates but more and have shorter width. These are used in railing, grillwork and built up sections.

Structural steel

Structural steel

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