Application of embedded systems

There are some important applications of embedded systems are given below,

  • The embedded systems are used in computer networking for Network Bridge to route data, hub gate way and switch etc.
  • It is used in telecommunication systems such as telephone switches, mobile phone and tablet.
  • It is used in motor control systems for stepper motor, servo motor and D.C motor.
  • It is used in consumer electronics such as digital cameras, DVD players, laptop, printers, videogame consoles and MP3 players etc.
  • It is used in household application such as microwave ovens, washing machine and dishwashers.
  • It is used in banking systems such as bank ATM machine and debit/credit card transactions machine.
  • It is used in automotive applications such as close loop engine control, dynamic ride control and anti lock braking systems monitor.
  • It is used in biomedical systems such as patient monitor systems service and ECG LCD display cum recorder.

embedded systems

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