Application of programmable logic controller (PLC)

There are some applications of programmable logic controller (PLC).

  • It is used in civil applications such as washing machine, elevators working and traffic signals control.
  • It is used in aerospace for Water tank quenching system.
  • It is used to reducing the human control allocation of human sequence given to the technical equipments that is called Automation.
  • It is used in batch process in chemical, cement, food and paper industries are sequential in nature, requiring time or event based decisions.
  • It is used in the burner management system to control the process of purging, pilot light off, flame safety checks, main burner light off and valve switching for changeover of fuels.
  • It is used in printing industry for multistage screen washing system and Offset web press print register control system.
  • It is used in travel industry for escalator operation, monitored safety control system.

programmable logic controller

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