Classification of oscillators

Classification of oscillators:

Based on the output waveform:

The oscillators are classified as:

  • Sinusoidal oscillator
  • Non-sinusoidal oscillator

Based ON the circuit components:

  • RC oscillators
  • LC oscillators
  • Crystal oscillates

Based on the range of operating frequency:

  • Low-frequency oscillators (20 Hz to 100-200 KHz) also called as audio frequency oscillates.
  • High-frequency oscillator (200 kHz – 300 to gigahertz) also called as ratio frequency oscillators.

Based on whether the feedback is used or not:

  • Feedback oscillator
  • Non –feedback oscillator
  • In this oscillator use the negative resistance region on the characteristics of the device
    e.g. UJT relaxation oscillator.

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