Functions of automatic star delta converter

  • All motors of higher capacity are provided with star/delta windings.
  • During the initial startup, the motor is connected in star mode to reduce the initial inrush of current.
  • Once the motor achieves the required speed, it switches to the delta mode, after which the motor can be loaded.
  • ADLS makes use of the fact that whenever the load on the motor is less (<40%), it switches the motor to star mode, and as soon as the load increases (>40%), it switches the motor to delta mode.
  • When the motor operates in the star mode its current consumption drops by 1/3, thereby saving energy.
  • The saving is near about 10-40% depending on the motor load and the load changes.
  • The more the in loaded time, the more are the savings.
  • Certain industrial applications have observed more than 50% of the savings.
Automatic timer based star to delta converter

Automatic timer based star to delta converter

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