Classifications of traffic sign

Traffic signs

The device in the form symbol and inscriptions mounted on a fixed or portable support provided on roads to give information, warning or guidance to the road users are as traffic signs.

The object of road signs-

  • To control the traffic
  • To provide safety to the traffic
  • To expedite the traffic
  • To guide the traffic

Classification of road signs
As per IRC: 67- 1977 code of practice, road signs.

  • To control the traffic
  • To provide safety to the traffic
  • To expedite the traffic
  • To guide the traffic
  • Mandatory or regulatory sign

The road signs used to inform road users of certain laws and – regulation to provide safety and the free flow of traffic and violation of which is a legal offence, are called mandatory sigh.

There road signs include all such sign which as given notice of special obligations prohibitions or restrictions with which the signs are of the following types:

‘Give way’ and stop sign,
For example:

  1. Give way
  2. Stop

Prohibitory sinner, for example

  1. All motor vehicles prohibited
  2. Bullock cart and handcart prohibited
  3. Cycle prohibited
  4. Handcraft prohibited
  5. Horn prohibited
  6. One way
  7. Overtaking prohibited
  8. Pedestrian prohibited
  9. Right turn or left turn prohibited
  10. Straight prohibited or NO entry
  11. Truck prohibited
  12. U-turn prohibited
  13. Vehicles prohibited in both directions

Speed limit and vehicle control signs, for example

  1. Axle load limit
  2. Height limit
  3. Length limit
  4. Load limit
  5. Speed limit
  6. Width limit

No parking and NO stopping sign, for example

  • No parking
  • NO stopping or standing

Restriction ends, for example

  • Restriction ends

Compulsory direction control and other sign for example

  • Compulsory Ahed only
  • Compulsory Ahead or turn left
  • Compulsory Ahed turn or turn left
  • Compulsory cycle track
  • Compulsory keep left
  • Compulsory turn left or right
  • Compulsory sound horn

Cautionary or warning signs

The road signs used to warn road users of the existence of certain hazardous conditions either on or adjacent to the roadway are called cautionary or warning signs.

These road signs include all signs which give notice of certain hazardous conditions either on or adjacent to the roadway so that the drivers become caution and take the desired action. Cautionary or warning signs are of the following type:

  1. Barrier Ahead
  2. Cattle
  3. Crossroads
  4. Cycle crossing
  5. Dangerous Dip
  6. Falling rocks
  7. Ferry
  8. Gap in medium
  9. Guarded railway crossing
  10. Unguarded railway crossing
  11. Hump or rough road
  12. Loose Gravel
  13. Major road Ahead
  14. Men at work
  15. Narrow bridge
  16. Narrow Road Ahead
  17. Pedestrian crossing
  18. Right or left hairpin bend
  19. Right or left reverse bend
  20. Round widens Ahead
  21. Roundabout
  22. School
  23. Side road
  24. Slippery road
  25. Staggered intersection
  26. Steep Ascent or decent
  27. T-intersection
  28. Y-intersection

Information signs

The road sign used to guide road users along the route, inform them about destination and distance and provide other information so as to make the road travel easier, safe and pleasant are called informatory signs. These roads also include all such signs which guide road users to identify points of geographical and historical interest.

Information sign are of the following types
Direction and place identification signs

  • Advance direction
  • Destination
  • Direction
  • Place identification
  • Reassurance

Facility information signs

  • Eating place
  • First Aid post
  • Hospital
  • Light refreshment
  • Petrol pump
  • Public- telephone
  • Resting place

Other useful information signs

  • NO through road
  • NO through a side road

Parking signs

  • Auto rickshaw stand
  • Cycle stand
  • Cycle rick Shaw stand
  • Park this side
  • Parking both sides
  • Scooter and motors cycle stand
  • Taxi stand

Flood gauge

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